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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary, Puffin Books have kindly given us a fantastic prize bundle to giveaway.

To enter, you need to tweet @puffinbooks and let them know where spot is in the photograph above using the hashtag #WheresSpot
The giveaway is open to UK residents only and closes on 03/09/2014.

Look out for reviews of some Spot books coming up later this week.

You can follow the blog tour next week on www.mummyinthecity.co.uk @mummyinthecity

Prize bundle

#Where’s Spot Blog Tour


Spot banner

I am really excited to be part of the blog tour to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the publication of Where’s Spot. Look out for reviews coming up during the week and a competition tomorrow.

Review of Lord of the Forest by Jackie Morris and Caroline Pitcher


Lord of the Forest

Lord of the Forest is a lovely little book by Caroline Pitcher with illustrations by Jackie Morris. It tells the story of a tiger cub who listens to the sounds of the forest when he is young. His mother tells him that when everything goes quiet the Lord of the Forest will come. The tiger is fascinated by this and determined to find out who the Lord of the Forest could be. Is it the beatiful peacock with his magnificent feathers, the rhino, the enormous elephant ar perhaps some other creature that the tiger hasn’t even considered?

This would make a wonderful gift and was a sheer joy to read. The illustrations are absolutely stunning and really bring the book to life.

Highly recommended.

Thank you to Frances Lincoln Books for sending us a copy to review.

Viva Alice! Blog Tour – Giveaway and Review.


Alice and Megan series photo

I am delighted to be hosting the Viva Alice! blog tour today. We have a fantastic prize to giveaway – all 8 books in the Alice and Megan series. To enter, please re-tweet this post or leave a comment below. The giveaway is open to UK and Ireland residents only and closes on Friday 5th September.


Review of Viva Alice! by Judi Curtin

Alice and Megan are back in their eighth adventure. Grace invites them on a holiday to Lanzarote with her family and they are thrilled when Alice’s over protective mother lets her go. The girls are accidentally left home alone in the house, which they think is great at first but not so good when they manage to get stuck outside on the balcony.

Alice likes to solve problems and when she finds out that her friend Melissa is unhappy at boarding school, she hatches a plan to help her return to their school. Megan is not too happy about this and soon the girls seem to be at breaking point.

This is another brilliant instalment in this series and it was great to read about Alice and Megan again. It is a lovely story about loyalty and, above all, friendship.

Thank you to O’Brien Publishing for sending us a copy to review.

Review of Lonely Graves by Britta Bolt


Lonely Graves cover

In Amsterdam there is a team called the Lonely Funerals team which exists to make sure that no-one goes to their final resting place unmourned. The team is headed by the quirkily named Pieter Posthumous, who is a man dedicated to finding out as much as he can about the unclaimed bodies which are his daily task.

Although most of the work is humdrum , once in a while some excitement enters into the routine investigations. A young Moroccan immigrant is found dead in in one of the main canals and the police think that he died by accident or suicide. However, Posthumous thinks otherwise. Two other random bodies are found: another young man with distinctive tattoos and a valuable vintage pen in his belongings is found dead in his room; the third, that of an elderly lady presumably abandoned by her family. These cases are not related but do have their own compelling stories to tell.

In spite of the police, Pieter Posthumous plunges into his own investigation of the body in the canal. This involves him in dealings with an established family in the Moroccan community who cannot believe that their son is involved in a terrorist cell. He then finds himself stepping on the toes of the Secret Police. What exactly will he discover? What he does unearth brings him into personal danger. Add to the mix his rediscovery of his niece from whom he has been estranged for years and you have an excellent maelstrom of events to discover.

This is the first in the Posthumous Trilogy by Britta Bohler and Rodney Bolt. I found it to be a fascinating read, set as it is in a city where the ambiance is purported to be laid back. How wrong! There is not a page without tension and apprehension, and we get edgy thumbnail portraits of the other characters involved in the investigations: Maya, the impatient and sarcastic colleague; Anna, the bar owner of De Dolle Hond, who is both incisive and the font of all information. Reader, enjoy!

Pieter Posthumous is one to watch!

Reviewed by Liz.

Thank you to Mulholland Books for sending us a copy to review.

Review of The Colour Thief by Gabriel Alborozo


colour thief cover

The Colour Thief is the story of a creature called Zot who comes from a planet where there is no colour. Zot sees the colours of earth and decides to visit. Once on earth, he is so fascinated by the many colours that he decides to pack them all up in his suitcase and take them back to his own planet. However, just as he thinks he is finished he spots a little boy with a bright orange balloon. This is a colour that he must take, but in doinjg so he really upsets the boy. Zot realises that he must return the colours in order to make the boy happy again.

This is a lovely book with stunning illustrations. It highlights the importance of friendship and sharing and is a heartwarming book to read.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for sending us a copy to review

Review of The Flying Bath by Julia Donaldson and Illustrated by David Roberts


Flying Bath cover

We love Julia Donaldson’s books and were really excited to receive a copy of The Flying Bath.

Every morning when everyone has left the house, the bath toys spring to life and go on an adventure in the flying bath tub. They visit a very thirsty kangaroo, a muddy piglet and a baboon before returning home in time for bathtime.

This is a really great book and we absolutely loved it. It is beautifully illustrated and is particularly good to read aloud. It will be read over and over again in our household.

5/5 stars

Thank you to Macmillan for sending us a copy to review.

Review of Run by Gregg Olsen


Run cover

Fifteen year old Rylee comes home one afternoon to find a grizzly scene in her kitchen. Her dad is dead, her mother is long gone and there is a chilling message in the blood on the floor…run.

With her brother in tow, Rylee flees the house and tries to work out her next move. All her life she has been prepared for this moment, and when she finds the next step she must take, Rylee is faced with an unimaginable horror story.

But she is given the hope that her mother is alive. And to find her, she must look into a series of murders that the police have written off. To find her mother, Rylee must hunt a ferocious killer.

Run was a good read. It wasn’t fabulous, but great for teens looking for a meatier story and beginning their horror tastes. I’ve heard of Run being compared to Dexter with a female protagonist, and it’s pretty accurate. Rylee is a tough kid and I really admired her gumption.

It’s a quick book, but one you can really sink your teeth into.

Reviewed by Pamela.

Thank you to Hot Key Books for sending us a copy to review.

Review of Pieces of You by Ella Harper


Pieces of You cover

I am thrilled to be hosting the blog tour for Pieces of You by Ella Harper today. Here is my review…

Lucy and Luke have been desperately trying for a baby for a baby for eight years and Lucy feels like everything she has ever wished for is disappearing before her eyes. Then tragedy strikes and Luke is left in a coma after an accident. As Lucy reevaluates what she really wants in life a woman appears whose claims threaten to tear Lucy’s life apart.

I loved Lucy’s character and felt so sorry for her, she has been through so much. The storyline carefully tackles some sensitive issues including miscarriage and grief.

This is a compelling and emotional book that I read in one sitting. I highly recommend it, but advise that you have some tissues handy. It is beautifully written and the characters come alive on the pages. I look forward to reading more from Ella Harper.

Pieces of You is a fantastic read and a real tearjerker of a book. I wouldn’t hesitate to give it 5 stars and didn’t want to put it down.

Thank you to Avon for sending us a copy to review.

Review of Hoot from Little Tiger Kids


Hoot cover

Hoot is a fun book for children learning to count. It is full of bright colours and is a sweet story of an owl who wakes up and finds himself alone in his nest. On each page you learn a different number.

This is a really great book for little ones and has very sturdy pages that are perfect for small hands.

We loved it and highly recommend this book.

Thank you to Little Tiger Press for sending us a copy to review.

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