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Today we welcome Liz Bankes to Bookbabblers…

What makes a girl irresistible?

Writing Irresistible made me think a lot about what makes us love/like/hate/want to kill characters when we are reading. I certainly had a long list of literary ladies I’ve loved and hated in my head while I was creating Mia, Gabi and Cleo. Miss Irresistible is made, in a Frankenstein-like way, of all my favourite bits from literary heroines. And Scarlett Johansson.

Miss Irresistible:

Sense of humour
Miss Irresistible would make you snort laugh in public. Literary women who have made me do this are Bridget Jones, Georgia Nicolson (from Louise Rennison’s books) and Rachel Riley (from Joanna Nadin’s series).

She would also laugh a lot herself. Very early on in Pride and Prejudice Lizzie says to Darcy ‘I dearly love a laugh’ and because I dearly love Lizzie, everything she says must be right.

A bit mean
Mean girls are always a bit more fun. Just think of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park where uptight heroine Fanny Price (no laughing at the back, please) disapproves of MOSTLY EVERYTHING, including putting on a play, while she mopes around being all unhappy and in love with her cousin.

Mary Crawford is Fanny’s rival for Edmund’s heart. She and her brother Henry are charming social climbers out to get themselves some rich partners. Mary is bitchy, flirty and makes bawdy jokes about ‘rears’. Despite being told that she is bad, as a reader I felt drawn to her. She would be like one of those mean girls that you really want to impress. I definitely had her in mind when writing Cleo, Jamie’s girlfriend, in Irresistible.

Another slightly mean literary lady I had in mind was Estella in Great Expectations, who is so cruel to Pip that he falls in love with her.

I’m not saying people should want to change their face, but if I were offered Scarlett Johansson’s face on a plate I wouldn’t say no.

I might say ‘that’s quite weird’.

If you wanted a literary face, you’d have to go for Helen of Troy, although it might be annoying if everywhere you went with her she kept launching 1000 ships.

Miss Irresistible would have luscious, shiny hair that tumbles down her shoulders in an effortless manner. If you asked her how she got it like that she would say something like ‘Oh my god I was just born and it grew’. If I could steal someone’s hair to give to Miss Irresistible it would probably be Zooey Deschanel’s.

Thanks Liz!

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