Review of What about Bear? by Suzanne Bloom


Bookbabbler Wendy has reviewed What about Bear? for us…

This is a simple story book about friendship. Bear and Goose are playing happily when a little fox appears and asks to play but he wants to play games that Bear is too big for or only 2 can play so Bear feels sad and starts to walk away but Goose calls him back as Bear is his friend and then the fox feels left out until the Goose explains that they can all play together. It is a very simply written story but sums up how easily someone can get left out perfectly for little ones.

The illustrations are set off against a deep blue background that really highlights the white of the Bear and the Goose and the red of the fox. They are simply drawn but very evocative of the characters moods and the picture of them at the end snuggled up on Bear’s lap listening to a story is lovely.

Thanks Wendy and thank you to Alanna Books for sending us a copy to review.

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