Review of I am an Artist by Marta Altes


The narrator in this book is a little boy who can be seen at the start giving himself a Dali-esque moustache with his Mum’s eyeliner and announcing ‘I am an artist’. The little boy is in no doubt of his talent but his Mum doesn’t always agree, as this little boy see’s art everywhere be it drawing on walls, dyeing his teddy, painting the chairs and making holes in walls!

The little boy loves his Mum and is determined to show her how much through his art and whilst she is meditating to stay calm he makes an amazing piece of art – one which any parent would dread and has to be seen to be believed!

The illustrations are childlike and very colourful and sum up the feelings of the Mum and little boy brilliantly and the end scene is an amazing creation. A great little book that reminds me of my children as they too like drawing on walls, toys and clothes!

Reviewed by Wendy.

Thanks Wendy and thank you to Panmacmillan for sending us a copy to review.

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