Review of The Hundred Decker Bus by Mike Smith


This picture book follows the adventure of a bus driver who is bored of his every day routine of a cup of tea, putting on his jacket and driving the same route and seeing the same people again and again. He sees a hot air balloon and wishes he could float up and away and go anywhere. Then he notices a little road that he hadn’t noticed before and decides to take it on a journey to anywhere. On the way he picks up lots of new and happy people who have no idea where they are going to. As the journey continues more and more people join them so extra decks are added to the bus until it becomes 100 decks high but then disaster strikes as the bus brakes down. This is when the hot air balloon arrives again to save the day.

This picture book is packed with detailed drawings of the amazing bus and all its occupants and a great huge fold out page of the bus when it is 100 decks tall. The book is a lovely little read and is also helpful for developing counting skills and for showing children what can be achieved through teamwork.

Reviewed by Wendy.

Thanks Wendy and thank you to Panmacmillan for sending us a copy to review.

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