Review of The Toucan Brothers by Tor Freeman


The Toucan Brothers


The Toucan Brothers are Sammy and Paul who are honest and reliable plumbers who live in Tapton. They have the know-how and impeccable manners and no job is too big or no pipe too small. But one day a new plumber arrived in town, called Flash Rover who took away all their customers as he was cheaper. But he was bodging and patching rather than fixing things properly and one day all of his bad work ending in disaster and Tapton was flooded until the Toucan Brothers arrived to save the day. A lesson of course that cheapest is not necessarily the best.

This is a great fun read with the style and magic of a comic book. It is written in rhyme, which I love for reading out loud, and this one flows brilliantly. We all found it very funny and my children wanted it read again and again.

The illustrations are detailed and complement the story brilliantly and my children sat and studied the pictures for ages – they particularly loved the one of the town flooding and the censored one of the toilet exploding.

I would highly recommend this hilarious tale.

Reviewed by Wendy.


Thank you to Panmacmillan for sending us a copy to review.

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